Worth a Trillion Words

Worth a Trillion Words


Words sent and words received

They seldom match in the story they tell

Still I keep trying to send out words

To get on the wave…

To get on the wave of consciousness.

Animal designed to survive on their own on a beach

Animal designed to survive on their own on a beach

“Strandbeest” is the name for the creation of an incredible Dutch artist Theo Jansen . He originally began designing these creatures as machines that would collect sand on beaches and create dunes, in order to protect the shores of Netherlands.


“Animals” that he created are simply awe inspiring. Watch his demonstration on TED.

One of my wonderful Twitter friends Larisa Belliveau has inspired me to take notice of our mysterious resource: Water.  I have visited a lake nearby to give my gratitude and recognize the power and the wonder Water holds.

Blue Water

There I encountered serene, calm and quiet body of water welcoming me and my husband. This body of water was expressing the warm morning sun and gentle breeze through it’s reflections and small ripples on the surface.  It gave me a sense of connection, the familiar feeling that all things in this world are somehow connected. And I feel today that the connector is Water.

Water is what we are made of, our base, our connection to all living things.  I would like to always keep it in my heart to notice all things water is supporting.

This inspiration came about after watching “Water: The Great Mystery”

It contains religious interpretation which I am not qualified to assess, but with that aside, it opened my eyes of the heart, to what feels like the old memory of “being”.  It feels familiar and significant.